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Terrific views make rough work worthwhile

Jul 6, 2022 | Blog, Summer Intern Blog

July 6, 2022

Week three of the summer was a good one. Stephen and Lys conducted some stocking survey training for us interns, which is something we most likely will be doing for a good portion of the summer. With stocking surveys, we go out to a unit that has been planted in the last few years (we usually do 2-year and 4-year-old units), and we go from plot to plot recording certain tree measurements, including tree height, species and vigor. We also record whether the tree has been damaged, the most common damage type we see is browsing from deer and elk.

Our first week brought us some very steep units, but when the units are steep that usually means we get some pretty great views from the landings where we park the pickup. Some of the 4-year-old units are covered with vegetation, a few of them have had heavy thistle and poison oak we have had to endure.

With the mild weather we had last week, we were able to get some of the rougher units out of the way so we didn’t have to do them in the 90 degree heat. It has been fun doing these stocking surveys, they were one of my favorite things to do last summer because of how peaceful it can be working on your own, along with experiencing the terrific views.


— Marshall Brattain

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