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Much to measure when counting trees

Aug 24, 2022 | Blog, Summer Intern Blog

Aug. 24, 2022

Hello everyone!

Last week, we continued timber cruising. We started the week by doing a check cruise at the East Ray stand we visited the previous week. The results were much better than our previous stand, thankfully.

As we do more cruising, we’ve been paying closer attention to detail and each individual measurement.

Once we finished the check cruise, we went to a unit near the Wren Hill lumber mill called Lower Lalack Moser. The unit consisted of multiple different stands, so it took us a few days to complete.

Reece next took us to a stand off Norton Creek Road where we conducted a pre-thinking cruise. We used fixed radius plots, which means we counted any tree with an 8-inch DBH (diameter at breast height) or higher that was within 16.65 feet of the plot center. When the plots were completed, Reece and I conducted a check cruise, which went well.

After that, Reece and I went to a stand that was recently thinned, and we used a metal detector to find the metal stakes that were used to mark the previous plot centers. Once we reached the plot, we determined which trees in the plot were harvested so we could see how much volume was removed from the stand.

This week we will likely continue timber cruising so we are excited to keep improving!


— Marshall Brattain

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