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Learning how to use technology to find fires

Jul 20, 2022 | Blog, Summer Intern Blog

Hello everyone!

When this is the view from the office, is it really work?

After a very eventful Sunday and Monday of last week with the broadcast burn, we spent the next few days doing mop-up in the Crawls Corner unit. I was in charge of Starker’s small fire truck for the week; we used it often for putting out leftover hot spots and even spot fires that were persisting in the unit.

Closeup of drone with thermal imaging camera.

Lys and Robert watching the drone pilot.


Thursday morning, Robert and I went back to the unit with Stephen and Lys as well as a couple of guys who were controlling a drone that would fly over the unit with a thermal camera, detecting where hidden hot spots were under the visible soil.

That was an awesome experience. We saw how technology can be used to make the process of mop-up more efficient.

This week is back to stocking surveys.


— Marshall Brattain

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